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UPSB Malaysia, is business interests around the world. Established in 1982 and officially registered as a private company in 1984, UPSB has expanded into 5 departments specializing in their respective productions.



  • Military Food / Humanitarian Ration Packs
  • Rescue and Medical Equipment
  • Energy
  • Ammunition Containers
  • Rapid Deployable Mobile Shelters



Our production is quality assured with ISO 9001 certification and pending CE mark. The Ration packs / Ready Meals are certified HALAL, HACCP and ISO9001. We also produce tray ready meals with long shelf life, suitable for catering.

We combine our extensive range of manufacturing capabilities to provide a one stop shop for our clients.

UPSB - Unique Presence Sdn Bhd
200401012261 (650764-V)

Unique Presence Sdn Bhd (UPSB Malaysia) is one of the main supplier to produces a wide range of durable energy products, military rescue equipment, combat ration packs and halal ready meals. We are dedicated to the goal of giving our customers quality products at competitive prices with quick delivery time.