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GS3 Ambulance Stretcher


The GS3 Ambulance Stretcher is designed for patient evacuation and transportation by ambulance services and hospitals.

The legs of the stretcher fold down to allow entry into an ambulance stretcher, and thereafter locks into position with the bracket (provided with product).

The GS3 is equipped with a gas spring, allowing for varied resting angles from 0 to 78 degrees. The adjustment can be done even when the patient is on the stretcher without the need to move the patient and risk further trauma.

It is also equipped with collapsible side rails to facilitate placement of patient onto the stretcher. The product comes complete with locking bracket, resting cushions and IV stand.

Key features at glance

  • Gas spring operated backrest
  • Collapsible side rails
  • Folding Legs
  • Rugged and durable
  • Easy to operate



Product Information
Item code GS3 Ambulance Stretcher
Technical Information
Length 190 cm
Width 55 cm
Height 88 cm
Low position height 25 cm
Resting angle 0° to 78°
Maximum Recommended Load 136 kg
Weight 44.5 kg
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Product Factsheet



GS3 Ambulance Stretcher

GS3 Ambulance Stretcher

GS3 Ambulance Stretcher in a low position

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